Jumat, 13 Juni 2014

Surat untuk Purnama #8

Hola Purnama, quĂ©  tal?

life is so mysterious. we haven’t no idea what will happen next certainly, even we have plenty of plans.
There was a time when we couldn’t wait any longer or wanted to skip the night to wore our new bag, shoes, or clothes to go to school after had a long vacation in elementary school.
There was a time we felt flying and blooming every day just because saw his smile in a corner of school..
There was a time, when we really frustrated facing the examination or UAN, and almost crazy thought about how to pass UMPTN.
There was a time when we cried every night missed our parents so badly in earlier we got the collage, we started to leave them, perhaps we wouldn’t come back with the same person.
There was a time, when friends meant everything, laughed, cried, fighted, ate, and hang around together.
There was a time when we started to frustrated again became an unemployment after graduated the collage.
There was a time when we felt so lonely, friends gone one by one. To be Survived we have to leave the view things that we love the most, our principles instead. some people can fight to hold their principle, but some just become a loser.
Ernest Hamingway wrote that world is a great place and worth fighting for. I think just  view people could enjoy the world as a great place, the rest still fight till the end.

There was a time, when you have to spend your weekend to attended your friends wedding, and than visited them for the baby born.
There was a time when your heart beat up very past waited your boyfriend stated his ijab Kabul, saw your test pack, waited your baby born, and so on.

There was a time when you received bad news about your lovers, friends, passed away.
There was a time when you spend your time to attended the funerals.
And then, there was a time when you saw your body was graved.
There was a time when you have to face your God
There was a time 



Welcome Juni

Time runs so fast. What will Juni bring to me, hopefully enlightened comes around and the dog days will be over emediately. Aamiiiin.

Its been a while I dont write and posted it in my blog. I just didn’t find any idea. Perhaps because I didn’t read much. And exactly it’s because this fuckin Hay Day games. I cant helped, saw the faces of my cow, my pig, my chicken are getting starving. Every time I wake up, my mind directly goes to them